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    Multi-level marketing (MLM), (also called network marketing, direct selling, referral marketing, and pyramid selling) is a term that describes a marketing structure used by some companies as part of their overall marketing strategy. The structure is designed to create a marketing and sales force by compensating promoters of company products not only for sales they personally generate, but also for the sales of other promoters they introduce to the company, creating a downline of distributors and a hierarchy of multiple levels of compensation in the form of a pyramid.


    Compensation Plans Supported

    • Binary
    • Left and right Business Match
    • Left and right users Match

    Company Admin Management

    • Set up and maintain company profile.
    • Manage company news, events and announcements.
    • Send newsletters and community e-mails.
    • Add, Edit, and Delete company news and announcements.
    • Add, Edit, and Delete  events.
    • Bonus Calculation
    • Rewards & Incentives calculation
    • Bonus & Rewards History Management
    • Visual Downline Management
    • Accounts Report
    • Managing Binary system
    • Funds Transfer
    • Ticket Support system
    • Online Chat
    • Withdrawl Functionality
    • Alerts and notifications for guests and other users

    Compensation Plan Processing Management

    • Flexible processing with reversal and reprocessing control.
    • Bonus and commission processing.
    • Supports daily, weekly, and monthly processing.
    • Bonus Calculation
    • Rewards & Incentives calculation
    • Bonus & Rewards History Management

    School Management Software

    90,000.00 25,000.00

    Latest School Management Software 

    Admission Section

    1. Set Classes/Form fields

    2. Add Student’s Record
    3. Edit Record
    4. Print Forms
    5. Print School Rules
    6. Print Student’s Medical History
    7. Combine Attendance
    8. Individual Attendance
    9. School’s Leaving Certificate
    10. Character Certificate
    11. Birth Certificate
    12. Student’s Status
    13. Student’s Strength Statement
    14.  Admission Register
    15. Withdrawn Register
    16. List of Current Students
    17. Student’s Complaints Letter
    18. Thanking Letter
    19. Print Envelope
    20. Students Birthday
    21. Books List
    22.Register of Contingencies
    23. Print Students Information List
    24. Print phone directory
    25. Letter Had
    26. Academic Calendar
    27. Syllabus
    28. New Admission Capacity List

    Institution’s Account Section

    1.Fee Bill

    i. Change Fee Bill Heading
    ii. Print Fee Bill for Bank
    iii. Print Fee Bill Single Copy
    iv. Print Fee Bill Two Copy
    v. Print empty Fee Bill
    vi. Print Master Fee Bill
    vii. Print Family No. wise
    viii. Print Head’s Student wise
    ix. Export Fee Bill to Website
    x. Print Master Fee Bill with left students
    xi. Send Mobile SMS
    xii. Print Fee Bill class wise list
    xiii. Print fee status wise

    2. Fee Collection
    3. Fee Defaulters
    4. Print Daily Fee Detail
    5. Print Monthly Fee Detail
    6. Print Yearly Fee Detail
    7. Set Cash Book Head
    8. Daily Cash Book
    9. Ledger Book
    10.Trial Balance
    11. Fee Register
    12. Salary Statement
    13. Pay Slip
    14. Print Salary Envelop

    Student’s Progress Report Cards Section

    Make Student’s Award List

    Make Date sheet/Roll No. Slip

    Type 1

    Subjects/Maximum Marks
    Make Progress Report Cards
    Progress Reports(1st Term)
    Progress Reports(Mid Term)
    Progress Reports(Final Term)
    Position Holders
    Top Three Position Holders
    List of Pass/Failure Students
    Summary of all Terms

    Type 2

    Set Terms and Subjects
    Set Remarks
    Set Grading
    Progress Reports
    Print Progress Reports Cards
    Print Position Holders
    Summary of all Terms
    Progress Reports History
    Monthly Test
    Weekly Test

    Type 3

    Unlimited Terms
    Monthly Test
    Weekly Test

    Type 4

    Quick Progress Reports
    Reports (Make Unlimited Terms)
    Monthly Test
    Weekly Test
    Make Assessment Results
    List of Detain Students
    Conduct Assessment
    QAT Results of PEF

    Administration Section

    1. Add/Edit signature and logo

    2. Make Student’s ID Card
    3. Institution Pass
    4. Institution Staff
    5. Add Staff Profile
    6. Edit Staff Profile
    7. Print Staff Profile
    8. Casual Leaves Register
    9. Staff Identification Card
    10. Staff Statement
    11. Leave Record of Teacher
    12. Registration Return
    13. Staff Experience Certificate
    14. No Objection Certificate for teachers
    15. Teacher Time Table
    16. Class Time Table
    17. Accession Register
    18.Library Registers
    19.Laboratory  Stock Register
    20. General Stock Register
    21.Dispatch/Received Registers
    22.Management Body
    23. Make New Session
    24. User Accounts
    25. Visitor Book
    26. illegal login

    Others Modules

    1. Class Observation

    2. Co-curricular Performance
    3. Copy Checking Observation
    4. Lesson Plan I to X
    5. Lesson Plan Pre School
    6. Paper with Answer
    7. Paper
    8. Summative Assessments
    9. Memorandum
    10. Control Transport System
    11. Circular
    12. Send SMS to Parents